Art des Sens

AOP Languedoc

ART DES SENS Syrah-Grenache
Velvet, power and fruity charm. With its beautiful red dress, Roqua Blanca can offer a typical Mediterranean character with intensity and warmth.

Roqua Blanca has a range of soil types, including clay, limestone and marl; each of them has affinity with different grape varieties. Syrah dominates in wines from Roqua Blanca and this variety brings fruit and a particular velvety texture. Grapes are sorted in the vineyard, then on a double vibrating table. The best grapes and the best grapes only go to tanks. Ageing in barrel helps tannins to soften and brings beautiful harmony.

Food pairing
You can enjoy it with meat with strong sauce and Mediterranean cuisine. Spicy courses and strong cheese also make a perfect match.