Roqua Blanca
shades of red

Roqua Blanca has a wide exposure; sun can rise, shine and set over it. One can’t imagine such a wide diversity in a vineyard of a mere 24,5 hectares. As there could not be a single way to cultivate it, we need careful and constant observation. Syrah and Grenache are the most important grape varieties in this typically Mediterranean terroir with clay-limestone soil.

Thanks to cool temperature at night during the ripening season, grapes can fully ripen without losing acidity. Each plot is harvested separately and manually, each at an optimal date. The result is a full-bodied wine with supple and elegant tannins.

In Roqua Blanca, we have settled a weather station in order to organize work better according to the local conditions.

We use natural gravity in the winery to avoid pumping that can damage grapes. Berries can stay impeccable as long as possible, thanks to this simple but efficient approach.

Roqua Blanca shades of red