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Men in the art

Each estate has a full team dedicated for both the vineyard and the winery.

Thierry Bellicaud has been managing Laroche since 2010. He wants the Laroche customers to be fully convinced of the quality of the wines.

Grégory Viennois, technical director, makes the link between all Laroche estates but also brings a sense of constant search for improvement in the quality of the wines.

Laroche employs “tâcherons” all year round, each responsible for a given plot of the vineyard. A tâcheron works with the final result as a core aim, and a deep sense for what makes the wine better.

At Domaine Laroche in Chablis
Clément Grison, head of viticulture
Stéphane Barras, cellar master

At Mas La Chevalière in Béziers
Xavier Tamborero, Site director
Géraud Blanc, head of vineyard and wine

Stéphanie Marquier, cellar master.