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Saint Martin

The Chablis Saint Martin is a tribute to the history of the Obédiencerie. It comes from a selection of the best plots of the estate. This wine is synonymous with sharing and friendliness. 

The history of Saint Martin

Saint Martin is well known as a major personality of the christian faith in the Middle Ages. What made him so famous was his generosity when, in Amiens, he shared his coat with a beggar. What is more a secret is that his relics were hidden in the Obédiencerie in Chablis for one decade at the end of the IXth century.

The crypt is still there, but Domaine Laroche wished to testify of this history, naming its major wine after Saint Martin.

The Chablis Saint Martin comes from the selection of the best plots of the Chablis vineyard. Every year, plots are visited just before harvest. Grapes are tasted to evaluate their potential, and make sure that the best quality can be achieved.

Winemaking is organized in order to reveal these characteristics. Elegance and minerality are always part of its style, as Chablis Saint Martin is the finest Chablis from the Laroche vineyard.